Letter to the Editor: Time for Change in the Sheriff’s Office 


Change is inevitable, and oftentimes change can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. That is what is needed at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. 

Do you realize, the past six sheriffs, going back to 1958, all came from within the department? Now don’t get me wrong, often there are internal staff that can be groomed due to their leadership skills and other qualities that make them ready to take on this challenge. 

That being said, when too many internal staff get promoted from within, there tends to be a time when things feel stagnant or often leadership gets stuck in the “old ways” of doing business.

It feels like the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office continually operating from staff within, has reached its potential, has stalled out and it is time for change.

When an “outsider” who has the right skillset, leadership qualities and differing outlooks is given the opportunity to bring about needed change, the organization has the opportunity to evolve and improve. 

Typically, when an organization brings in new and effective leadership, this can move the agency forward in its thinking. Furthermore, it can also bring a new innovative philosophy to the table which in turn can increase productivity and possibly save taxpayers money.

Whether one is talking about a CEO running a company, to career politicians, to business managers or government employees, it is usually more productive or creative to bring in someone with new concepts and fresh points of view. 

When the leader is replaced from the outside, change is inevitable, and many times, this shift leads to innovation and transformation, instead of being stuck “because that’s the way they have always been done.”

It’s hard for anyone to deny that we are not as safe as we were when Sheriff Snaza first took office. That is not all his fault, but he offers no plan to make us safer.

There is no reason to believe he will solve the problems he has failed to solve during his nearly eight years in office. Please join me in creating this needed change for the LCSO by voting for this new leader, Tracy Murphy.

Bill Brumfield