Letter to the editor: Trump would be dangerous if re-elected


This is in response to Alan Mahood’s letter to the editor on Tuesday. Well spoken. Thank you, Mr. Mahood.

I agree that Congress and the media continue to fawn at the feet of a dangerous con man, the playground bully of the world. The 45th president is a clear and present danger to our democracy.

While his supporters are busy adoring the golden calf, they appear to be unable to hear his words. Words like “vermin” and “final battle” echo Hitler’s rhetoric, as does his promise to send tens of thousands to “camps.” Does anyone remember World War II? I wasn’t there, but my dad and my uncles all were, and Hitler seems like an exceptionally bad role model for an American president.

Believe what he is telling you. He told us he was going to pack the courts and overturn Roe v. Wade, and he did it, although Mitch McConnell helped. I never chose abortion, but I don’t have the right to say that a 54-year-old woman raising her grandchildren should be forced to carry the baby of an abusive ex-husband who raped her. The government has no business inside anyone’s body. However we feel about it, the fact remains that the right to make decisions about our own bodies was taken away. Never before in history have Americans lost a civil right. Most Americans believe abortion should be legal but that didn’t stop them. He did what he said.

Now he is saying there will be camps. I also think there will be no further elections if he wins the next one. We all need to listen, because Bannon and the rest of the traitors have funding. Trump may appear comical and harmless, but we must never confuse feckless with harmless. His talk is dangerous, and so are his backers.

Our current president has many years of experience. There are many of us who retired with skills, knowledge and insight that took years to acquire. I’ll take experience over youth any day.

There’s still hope that the GOP will get themselves together and find a real candidate, but with the circus in the House of Representatives right now, it doesn’t look good. For all my Republican friends, hold your nose and vote for our democracy to stand, so that you have the right to vote again.


Katherine Ford