Letter to the Editor: Vote for Tracy Murphy and Scott Tinney


Tracy Murphy will have my vote for sheriff and Scott Tinney will have my vote to be reelected as Lewis County clerk.

I have known both Tracy Murphy and Rob Snaza for many years and supported Rob in his first two campaigns for sheriff. However, during our COVID-19 crisis I was very disappointed in his behavior. You see, I am a sheep. I did want to protect myself and others by wearing a mask. I also had two sisters with compromised immune systems that I wanted to be able to see and was unwilling to put them at risk. I was also disappointed when I read of Rob’s behavior at a commissioners meeting. I believe Tracy Murphy will bring a fresh perspective and it’s time for a new beginning in Lewis County.

Scott Tinney has served us well and has the experience needed to continue as our Lewis County clerk. I am familiar with his opponent Linda Williams and have known her husband for many years. However, I don’t feel she has the experience to be county clerk. Yesterday I received a mailer from her and was rather surprised because as I read it it seemed to imply that she was the Lewis County clerk. Hopefully this was an oversight on her part or whoever prepared the mailer on her behalf. It may be misleading to people who don’t have familiarity with the clerk's Office.

As a lifelong resident of Lewis County who has never missed her opportunity to vote, Tracy Murphy for sheriff and Scott Tinney re-elected as Lewis County clerk get my vote!


Patricia Henning