Letter to the editor: Voter fraud is real


Many in Washington claim there is no proof of voter fraud. Fraud exists, just not at conspiratorial levels.

In 2022, King 5 Investigations found prosecution depends on where fraud is committed. The King County prosecutor said, “we’ve been sending warning letters to suspected violators since 2007.”

With 1,300,000 registered voters, how many warnings have been sent?

The Lewis County prosecutor said, “if we see a violation, we charge it.” A Clark County Elections officer said, “there’s no state or federal registry for reporting voter fraud, so it’s not tracked.”

The Secretary of State scrubbed the rolls after the humiliating 2004 election when I believe dead people voted. I believe fraud still occurs in mail-in ballot handling and citizenship status.

A 2023 Heartland Institute survey found one in five people admitted some sort of fraud from signing, filling out and harvesting other people’s ballots in 2020. Now, potentially 20% or more fraud is hidden. Is “Washington’s presumptive right” a back door to illegal voter registration? I don’t know.

Several states allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. With multi-tiered ballots, it’s possible. By law, only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections. Last year, 13 immigrants were caught in Clark County, and one had been voting since 1988. They exposed themselves by asking for their voting records to apply for citizenship. They allegedly registered while obtaining a driver’s license and assumed acquiring a driver’s license also extended to voting. None were charged. Why does “presumptive right” apply to voter registration but not when someone buys alcohol?

The Hastings Institute reported 50% of undocumented immigrants have less than a ninth grade education. Department of Licensing clerks can’t always ensure applicants understand the citizenship issue, especially when language is a barrier and no citizenship proof is required.

A 16-year-old must “agree to not vote” until they are 18. Why, when ineligible registrations are maintained separately?

Washington law cleverly puts the onus on those applying while relieving themselves of the real responsibility of guaranteeing only citizens register and vote by blaming the registrant. Congressionally, why hasn’t Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez cosponsored House Resolution 8281, which requires proof of citizenship to register?

Not one Democrat has cosponsored the bill. Why?

Washington has over 1,100,000 immigrants and none can legally vote. Citizenship is the new giveaway for undocumented immigrants.

Naturalized citizens and permanent residents don’t like it. They came here the legal way.

Ignoring these facts is wrong. Voting is a citizen’s right, and voters must prove eligibility. An illegal vote is fraud, and cancels a legal vote, no matter which way the vote. Illegal voters deserve punishment, not letters.

It’s not discrimination for everyone to prove their citizenship. There’s no reason the counties can’t send out a letter to every registered voter and require them to come in with proof of citizenship or be dropped from the rolls.

Chris Gregoire won in 2004 by 129 votes, the closest governor’s race in U.S. history. Numbers matter in close races.

These are facts and not conspiracies.


Ray Anderson