Letter to the Editor: We Have Two Good Sheriff Candidates — But One Stands Out


I appreciate and admire anyone willing to file for public office. It takes courage to do. As a voter, I appreciate having the opportunity to vote for the candidate that I feel possesses leadership, ideas and solutions to making our communities better.

Having options to choose from on the ballot should challenge us all to reflect on what’s important to us as voters regarding the position being voted on.

In the Lewis County sheriff’s race, we have two great men to choose from. Both are qualified, well respected, and would do an excellent job.

In my opinion, there is one candidate that stands out more. Tracy Murphy has campaigned on ideas and solutions to not only add and strengthen programs and services in our communities but also to save taxpayers money.

I appreciate hearing about real issues impacting the sheriff’s office, how they can be solved and ideas to make it better. To me, this is what a campaign should be about. It should not matter how many signs are posted around the county or the amount of apparel being slung or even who is wearing it.

It should come down to one thing — who would serve and make our communities become the safest and most efficient they can be for all of us.

Personally, I appreciate the ideas to save tax money, bring back a K9, participation in JNET and the hope of a school resource officer program, among many others.

Tracy, like the incumbent, is also committed to following the constitution. A fresh perspective can be a great thing. Both candidates have social media and web platforms to help you decide. I encourage all voters to check them out and make an informed decision.


Kelsi Hamilton