Letter to the Editor: With a Quarter of One Community Infected, Why Not Open It All Up?


It has been reported on our local FM radio news that Onalaska is the number one municipality in Lewis County for COVID-19 infection, with one in four residents having the disease. Last I checked, Lewis County is where our public health department admitted they were under reporting the numbers of cases because they didn't like one of the widely accepted metrics being used nationwide.

Last I checked, Lewis County is still the home of Sheriff “Don't Be a Sheep” Snaza, whose most recent anti-public health stance was to refuse to protect government workers against mob intimidation while attempting to do their jobs at a local restaurant refusing to follow the mandated public health directives issued by the state.

Last I checked, Lewis County has approximately 85,000 residents, or 1 percent of the total state population.

Isn't this the same county in which our local elected officials have, almost to the man, fought tooth and nail every attempt to bring under control this deadly pandemic in our county? Isn’t John Braun the same person who repeatedly appeared in public, at gatherings where no public health guidelines were being followed, maskless standing cheek by jowl with other "leaders" who were all flaunting their disregard for public health?

Perhaps I am wrong.

Perhaps John Braun has an evil twin "Skippy" who is the one thumbing his nose at the public health workers and policies designed to protect the nation from the ravages of a raging pandemic. Perhaps not. To date, over half a million Americans have died from COVID-19. In other words, six times the total population of Lewis County. What better time to open up the county?

After all, only one in  four residents of Onalaska have contracted the disease. That other 75 percent haven't. There's still lots more uninfected people to expose.


Alan Mahood