Letter to the Editor: You Get What You Voted For 


The election is (mostly) over. The Democrats won a moral victory if you think in those terms. If you think football, the Democrats beat the spread. Congratulations to the Democrats for rigging the election with the most ignorant, gullible and misinformed/disinformed electorate in American history. 

Think of our local blowhard letter writer Marty Ansley. Think of the people of Pennsylvania who elected a brain-damaged stroke victim who couldn’t put a cogent sentence together. But the Democrats didn’t care about the ability to serve. All they wanted was a butt in the seat to vote how Chuck Schumer tells him to. Someone will sit next to him and tell him which button to push. Pennsylvania Democrats timed it perfectly. They started voting on Sept. 19. By the debate on Oct. 25, which was a disaster for Fetterman that even Democrats acknowledge, his margin of victory was in the bank. 

I watched Fetterman’s victory speech live. For the first three or four minutes, all he said was “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” over and over. Google it if you haven't seen it. I’ll guess that by now YouTube has edited out that part.

The Democrats prevailed with what I call the big lies. 

Lie one: “The Republicans will ban abortion." Lie. We have a president who will never sign an abortion ban. The votes won’t be there to overturn a veto. There may not even be enough Republican women in Congress who would vote for it. The vast majority of Republicans believe the issue belongs in the states, where it belongs. As such, Washington will be an abortion state forever. So you pro-abortion activists can stop clutching your pearls.

Lie Two: “I’ll cancel up to $20,000 of your student loan debt.” President Biden knew this was unconstitutional when he did it. Anybody who knows anything about the Constitution knows that the purse strings reside in Congress. I find it odd that the announcement that a federal judge stopped it came out after the election. Now the government has stopped taking applications.  The damage was done. Hundreds of thousands of baristas with worthless degrees fell out and voted for Democrats. Most of them wouldn’t have voted otherwise. It worked brilliantly. 

Lie Three: “Republicans will take away Medicare and Social Security.” This lie has been used for decades. It has never happened. It will never happen. It wasn’t about taking it away. It was about means testing. What’s wrong with means testing? Everybody knows that old people are the wealthiest cohort of Americans. Why should wealth be transferred from young people (who are relatively poor) to old people (who are relatively rich). I can say this because I am eligible for Social Security. And I can tell you I am much wealthier now than 40 years ago. I don’t object to my means being tested. Social Security is a legal Ponzi scheme. The American people have been duped for nine decades. 

To those of you giddy about the election, go ahead, gloat.  

I’ll leave you with this: Are you better off now than you were two years ago? Those of you who answer in the affirmative are liars. At least we’re all miserable together. You can’t escape it either. You got what you voted for.


Joel W. Muenchau