Letter to the editor: Your vote is part of the collective moral fiber of our community and must be heard


As we watched the events in New York unfold last week, some celebrated the loss of freedom with the handing down of President Trump’s verdict and others hung their heads in disbelief. Today, we walk through the valley of decision. Our justice system is being corrupted by those we entrusted to uphold it. We as a nation and as individuals have allowed a creeping pattern of injustice to expand, and now we see the balance of justice tilted in favor of tyranny rather than one law for all.

In our own community of Lewis County, we have seen an elected commissioner single out and label petition gatherers as Nazis, the cumulative weaponization of the Public Disclosure Commission and public records requests being used by a group who wants to silence and persecute rather than work with and respect opposing views.

We see this same strategy at our state level with the prosecution and threats toward Tim Eyman and then the three Bob Fergusons.

These instances are being used under the guise of serving our community but rather are tools used for unethical, and sometimes unlawful, destruction of their opponents.

President Trump faces imprisonment for his unconstitutional prosecution and jury tampering by self-proclaimed activists who were put there by the vote of the people and entrusted to fulfill the obligations of a balanced system of justice for all equally before the law.

Our fight is not just with President Trump, but against the political and corrupt factions at the local level that seek to divide and destroy rather than work together to a common good.

The Lewis County Republican Party opposes this tyrannical template and stands arm locked in arm supporting individual rights to express viewpoints in peaceful demonstrations and have our voice heard. This is a clarion call for us to take our vote to the ballot box and stand against this political creep of injustice that continues to fester as we the people of Lewis County have tolerated these boils on our landscape.

Persecution by lawfare to receive a managed verdict is abhorrent to the very core of our ideals. We must scrutinize every person running for elected office and appointed positions to prevent oppression and poor decisions.

Your vote is part of the collective moral fiber of our community and must be heard by our elected officials loudly through local actions that collectively have national impact.

The Lewis County Republican Party works for the freedoms we hold dear in every corner of our county, from advisory boards, school boards, town councils, commissioners and even to state representatives who affect our way of life.

We call on the residents of Lewis County to be vocal and stand for the principles of fairness, integrity and due process that are the foundation of our legal system.

“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” — Abraham Lincoln


Greg Rohr

vice chair of the Lewis County Republican Party