Lewis County Jail Inmate Charged With Assault for Allegedly Breaking Fellow Inmate’s Nose


By Emily Fitzgerald


A Lewis County Jail inmate is now facing additional assault charges for allegedly breaking a fellow inmate’s nose a couple weeks ago.

Patrick E. Richards, 41, of Aberdeen, is accused of punching the other inmate in the face while the two were talking on the bottom floor of an open housing pod on Jan. 29. A medical evaluation revealed the victim suffered a closed fracture of the nasal bone. Richards was formally charged with second-degree assault on Feb. 4.

He was initially arrested on unrelated theft charges on Jan. 21.

Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer asked Judge James Lawler to set Richards’ bail at $75,000, which would have to be paid in addition to the $50,000 bail set for Richards’ first case before he could be released.

“We believe that there is a community safety issue here,” said Meyer. “People should be able to be safe in the jail while in custody and not have their nose broken.”

Defense Attorney Rachael Tiller asked Lawler to set Richards’ bail at $20,000 due to his financial situation.

Lawler granted Tiller’s request and set bail at $20,000, but told Richards “that may change depending on what happens with that other case.”

His next court appearance on this case is an arraignment hearing scheduled for Feb. 10.