Military, Overseas Ballots for Lewis County Residents to Be Mailed June 17


The Lewis County Auditor’s Office will mail over 500 ballots on June 17 to all military and overseas voters ahead of the Aug. 2 primary election, 45 days prior to the election as required by law.

The advanced mailing provides voters in the military or overseas time to receive ballots, learn about the candidates and issues, and return ballots in a timely manner.

For military and overseas voters, the date on the ballot declaration associated with the voter's signature determines the validity of the ballot. The signature on the ballot declaration must be dated no later than Election Day, Aug. 2, and must be received by the office one day prior to certification of the election.

Voted ballots returned by fax or email are available to military and overseas voters only and must be received no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Voters can check their voter registration status and voter registration address and register to vote online at

More election information is available online at