Mint City Coffee Roasting Opens in Downtown Chehalis


Mint City Coffee Roasting opened in downtown Chehalis on Tuesday as it welcomed customers for the first time since the owners began work renovating their over 100-years-old building more than three years ago. 

The store is owned together by couples Jason and Shawna Boettner and Kyle and Sarah Askin. According to Kyle Askin, construction work finished a few weeks ago, allowing them to open the business. 

Kyle Askin told The Chronicle he was most excited about the response people have had to the company’s seasonal drinks. 

“I’m very excited about our lattes,'' Kyle Askin added.

Kyle Askin said his favorite thing about opening Mint City has been seeing people in their store.

“I love seeing people in this space,” Kyle Askin said.

As for the biggest challenge they’ve faced in opening their store, Kyle Askin said it’s been difficult making sure everything came together.

“And it did,” Kyle Askin said. “Everything is going really, really good…. I really like seeing  people enjoying the space.”

Shawna Boettner told The Chronicle the best part of opening the store has been interacting with the community.

“Seeing the community embrace us ... (and) being able to serve the community,” Shawna Boettner said. 

“And hearing people say they’re happy to have us,” Sarah Askin added. 

Looking to Mint City’s future, the company is planning to release new drinks in the next few months, but not before they’ve been perfected.

“We’re not going to serve anything we haven’t perfected yet,” Kyle Askin said.

Mint City Coffee is located at 539 N Market Blvd. Learn more about the business by following it on Facebook.