Oregon Firefighters Rescue Puppy Trapped in Underground Pipe


On the same day Portland police helped reunite four stolen show dogs with their owners, Portland firefighters rescued a puppy after it crawled into an underground pipe near its North Portland home.

The Portland Fire Bureau posted about the rescue on Facebook, but didn’t immediately provide the dog’s name, age, or breed. According to the Fire Bureau, the dog crawled into an exposed six-inch pipe beyond arm’s reach on Sunday afternoon. The dog’s owner called Portland firefighters, who sent a technical rescue team over to the St. Johns home.

An off-duty Portland Bureau of Transportation employee who was in the area also stopped to help, and loaned firefighters his underground camera system, said Portland Fire & Rescue spokesperson Rick Graves.

“It was a three- or four-hour deal, from mid-afternoon to sunset,” Graves said.

After trying to coax the pup out, Graves said, crews dug and cut into the pipe, bringing the puppy out and back to its owner.