Some of the Coldest Temperatures of the Winter Are Headed to the South Sound


The groundhog was right about that extended winter.

Snowflakes fell around parts of Western Washington on Tuesday just as the first daffodils were busting out.

"These will be the lowest temperatures we've seen all season," said National Weather Service meteorologist Justin Pullin.

The return to winter's cold heart reaches its low Wednesday morning when temperatures are forecast at 24 degrees in Tacoma and 23 in Olympia.

It's going to feel colder than that if you're out for an early morning run. Winds of 14-23 miles per hour with gusts of 30 will sweep Tacoma. It will be slightly less windy in Olympia.

Wednesday's high will be 37-38 degrees in Tacoma, 41 in Olympia.

The cold returned because high pressure that had been over the region has given way to low pressure.

"That's allowing cold air from Canada and Alaska to sweep in," Pullin said.

For the remainder of the week, mostly sunny days will give way to cold nights. By Friday, the high will be 45-46 degrees and the low will be 30 in Tacoma and 25 in Olympia.

Lows won't get above the freezing mark until Saturday when rain is back in the forecast.

As for that groundhog, Tuesday's high in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was expected to reach 59 degrees.