Twin Cities Rotary Murder Mystery Raises Thousands for Centralia College Scholarships


A murder was committed in downtown Centralia on Sunday, but all for a good cause.

The Twin Cities Rotary Club held a murder mystery dinner, where attendees watched performers play the role of murder suspects. Guests were served Bonanza BBQ for lunch and had the chance to guess who they thought was the killer. 

Proceeds from the event went to the club’s scholarships for Centralia College students. Mike Evinger, fundraising chair for Twin Cities Rotary, said there were around 124 folks present for the dinner, raising around $3,400.

“Our rotary club, Twin Cities, has had a long relationship with college,” said Larry McGee, a Rotarian who emceed Sunday’s event. “We’ve provided money for scholarships for years and that’s where this money’s gonna go. So this money’s gonna go to help students go to Centralia. All of it, all that we get from this.”

The mystery was written by Jake McGhie, immediate past club president, and Catherine Cleveland, the club’s public image chair. 

Evinger said Twin Cities Rotary typically hosts a murder mystery dinner annually, but this one was particularly popular. Next year, they will plan to have a larger venue with space for more guests.

Sunday’s dinner was hosted by The Juice Box in downtown Centralia, which is owned by Sarah and Levi Althauser. The space was donated for the murder mystery.