Western Washington Enjoys Rare November Stretch of Dry Weather


This rare stretch of dry November weather the Western Washington area has been enjoying will likely last through the end of this week.

After a cold, dry week, rain is expected Sunday, according to Dana Felton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Seattle's longest stretch of consecutive, dry November days lasted 13 days, Felton said. If the dry weather lasts through Sunday, one day longer than currently predicted, we could tie that record.

"It's quite unusual," Felton said. "We'll see if we get there or not."

According to NWS, it rains more frequently on Nov. 19 than on any other day of the year. But this year, the 19th may be the last day of an unusually long dry stretch before we get rain on Nov. 20.

Owing to a brace of high pressure keeping out other weather systems, temperatures have been a few degrees below normal and clear skies are keeping nights chilly.

Low temperatures in Seattle are hovering around 40 degrees but could drop down to the mid-30s, thanks to clear skies. On the east side of the mountains, wind chill could reach below freezing.

Cloud cover, which has a warming effect by trapping the previous day's heat and shielding the Earth's surface, could return with the rain in Seattle.

"We can pick up precipitation pretty quickly this time of year," Felton said. "So having a dry spell is kind of a break in the action."