Bail Set at $100,000 for Man Accused of Assaulting Two Women, Driving Drunk in Centralia


Bail has been set at $100,000 for a Centralia man accused of assaulting two women and then fleeing in a vehicle while drunk on Wednesday. 

The man, Ryan James Dailey Bachinski, 36, allegedly pulled one of the two women to the ground by her hair, choked her and tried “to break her arm by using both of his hands to bend her elbow the wrong way” inside a residence in the 1100 block of J Street on March 29,  according to court documents. She eventually broke free, ran to a neighbor’s house for help and then returned to the house where the assault occurred to aid the second woman, who was still inside. 

After the first woman left to go get help, Dailey Bachinski allegedly pushed the second woman to the ground, slammed her head repeatedly into the floor, squeezed her throat and straddled her while attempting to get his pants off, according to court documents. 

The first woman and the neighbor who came to help reported seeing Daley Bachinski straddling the second woman, “physically holding her down by the throat while screaming at her.” They claimed the second woman “was trying to scream but was having issues due to Ryan (Dailey Bachinski) choking her,” according to court documents. 

The second woman later told law enforcement she believed Dailey Bachinski “was trying to rape her,” as she “described how he was using his legs to spread her legs and that he was trying to take his pants down at the same time.” 

The incident reportedly began as an argument between Dailey Bachinski and the first woman and escalated when the second woman arrived to check on the first woman, according to court documents. Dailey Bachinski reportedly became violent when the two women refused to “join him in bed,” according to court documents. 

The neighbor reportedly “attempted to calm Ryan (Dailey Bachinski) down and get the women out of the house,” but Dailey Bachinski allegedly grabbed one woman by the hair and grabbed the other woman by the arm. 

The neighbor stated he “was eventually able to get both women to leave the house” and he called the police. 

Officers with the Centralia Police Department were dispatched just after 10:50 p.m. on March 29, according to call logs. 

While the officers were en route to the J Street address, dispatch informed them the suspect “was attempting to leave in a Dodge Journey vehicle” and “had been drinking,” according to court documents. 

One officer reportedly saw the Dodge Journey driving and attempted a traffic stop, but the vehicle kept driving. 

The officer reportedly “positioned his vehicle to prevent the Dodge Journey from continuing,” but Dailey Bachinski allegedly “drove up on the curve in (an) attempt to drive around the patrol vehicle,” according to court documents. 

He reportedly stopped after the officer yelled at him, according to court documents. 

The officer could reportedly “smell a strong odor of intoxicants” coming from Dailey Bachinski and, when asked how much he had to drink, Dailey Bachinski allegedly said “almost nothing.” 

Breathalyzer tests later conducted at the police station determined his blood alcohol content was between .230 and .224, according to court documents. 

When questioned about the alleged assaults, Dailey Bachinski reportedly “gave a very convoluted and confusing story involving (the two alleged victims)” and “claimed that nine people were in his house and came after him.” 

Dailey Bachinski was booked into the Lewis County Jail at 12:45 a.m. on March 30 and has since been charged with one count each of second-degree assault, domestic violence second-degree assault and driving under the influence. 

While Dailey Bachinski has no criminal history, Judge J. Andrew Toynbee granted the state’s request for high bail due to a “grave concern for community safety,” he said Thursday. 

Arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, April 6.