Bearcats Down Warriors at Fairway


The W.F. West Bowling team defeated the home team Rochester Warriors 1984 to 1354 Total pins Tuesday night at Fairway Lanes.

The undefeated Bearcats who have only bowled with their regular starting bowling team one time this season due to fall season playoffs, the flu and other various senior activities, added senior Savannah Hawkins in the line-up.

"It was nice to have Savannah back in the line-up tonight. She leads off for us and is one of our most consistent bowlers and sets the tone for our matches," coach Don Bunker said.

Hawkins rolled solid 180 and 170 games for the Cats after also signing with the LCC Red Devils to play Fastpitch next season.

In Game 1 the Bearcats were led by senior Clara Bunker with a 196 game while the home team Warriors were led by Kaysee Smith's 136 game.

"Our team was nice and relaxed tonight which helped us have a solid match on a tough lane condition," Bunker said.

In Game 2 the Bearcats were led by sophomore Savanna Hoyt-Siler's 219 Game.

"Savanna did a nice job tonight in that second game with the lane conditions breaking down and drying out. Her ball speed and strength were enough to overpower the lane conditions," Bunker said.

Standout senior Piper Chalmers also contributed a solid 200 game for the Bearcats. Serenity Hurst led the Warriors with a 131 game.

In the first team Baker game W.F. West defeated Rochester 158 to 120.

In team Baker Game 2, the Warriors got a little revenge by defeating the Bearcats 130 to 120.

"Our second team Baker game wasn't our best of the season, but it was probably one of the most memorable Baker games in the last 6 years of our program. We were able to start senior Ellie Daniels to bowl lead-off for us tonight. Our team was very excited for Ellie's opportunity to bowl on varsity for the first time in her career," Bunker said. "Daniels did not disappoint. She threw a perfect ball right into the pocket for the Cats to the excitement of her teammates and the fans in attendance."