Chehalis Middle School Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch 


Students at Chehalis Middle School lined up to receive freshly carved turkey from school and district staff during Tuesday’s 10th annual “Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch.” 

This year, over 380 students enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, a cookie and a roll.

It takes 16 20-pound turkeys to feed the students, according to the Chehalis School District. 

The event is part of Chehalis Middle School Principal Chris Simpson’s personal mission to make the last lunch before the holiday special for each student. 

“We are so happy to provide the opportunity for all students to enjoy this meal, knowing that some students may not get to experience a traditional carved turkey dinner,” said Simpson in a written statement. “Our amazing food service staff start bright and early, so the smell of turkey wafts through the building and creates anticipation for the upcoming feast.”

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