Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority Launches New Flood Warning Tool


Chehalis River Basin residents now have another flood warning tool at their disposal with the recent launch of the online Flood Warning System Gage Alert data dashboard, according to a Washington State Department of Ecology news release. 

Set up by the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, the dashboard allows users to more easily sign up for email alerts, allowing them to mitigate risk, reduce recognition time for floods and shorten response times. 

“This is an information system and a first line of defense. Having early information makes you aware so you can be prepared,” Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority staff member Scott Boettcher said in the release.

Aside from allowing users to easily sign up for alerts, the dashboard also provides direct information from the flood warning system as well as providing access to local projects and other related materials. 

The flood warning system now has over 300 sensors spread out across over 100 different sites in the basin according to the release. 

To view the dashboard, visit