Flamingos Flock to Centralia for Final Fundraiser of Europe-Bound Girl Scouts


Many migratory birds will come back to the same field or lake, year after year. 

The migratory plastic yard flamingos that frequent Centralia in the summer aren’t quite so picky, but they are back for the third year in a row.

In a fundraiser by Centralia’s Girl Scout troop 41050, flocks of plastic lawn flamingos are secretly set up outside local homes after donations from people looking to prank their friends and family. 

A “freakin’ huge flock” of 48 flamingos costs $50, the “festive” 36-flamingo flock is $40 and the understated “fun flock” of 24 costs $25. 

Flocks fly to any yard in Centralia to roost for 24 hours from now to July 31, and will usually arrive in yards after dark. Funds will go toward the Girl Scout troop’s trip to London and Paris for four days each in the summer of 2024.

“We had originally thought of Costa Rica because they have a lot of outdoor activities and we all enjoy those,” said Layla Von Wald, a troop member. “But, then we decided that the awesomeness of going to such a historic place and such big cities would be a better idea.”

For three years, the flamingo flocking troop has been featured in The Chronicle. This year’s fundraiser is their final foray. 

Members include three Centralia High Schoolers, one who attends Rochester High School and one who goes to W.F. West High School. When three of the five graduate next year, the Girl Scout troop will disband. 

Beyond planning for trips and the longtime friendships they’ve formed, the girls said their years as Scouts taught them to focus on community service, especially geared toward helping seniors and veterans. Past events and fundraisers have included game nights and bingo nights.

“They’re great activities that bring the community together,” Von Wald said. 

Asked if their final month of “flamingo flocking” as they call it, was bittersweet, the troop answered in unison with nods and a forlorn “yes.”

Their favorite activities together include camping and hiking. Their feathered yard decor fundraiser made the highlight list, too. 

“During the summer, we don’t meet every week on the regular like we do during the school year,” Von Wald said. “This fundraiser was really fun because then we get to see each other and catch up with what everybody is doing and have a fun activity while still being able to make money for our goal.”

For the first time this year, flocking fiduciaries can also purchase flamingo sugar cookies with their orders. Fill out flocking forms at https://forms.gle/mJDyL98ehTa2htB66 or email GirlScouts41050@gmail.com for more information.