Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Harry Bhagwandin Is a Vote of Confidence in the Future of Lewis County


My wife Amy and I are honored to enthusiastically support Harry Bhagwandin for Lewis County commissioner. 

We have been residents of Lewis County since 2005. We are small business owners and have been involved in small scale agriculture, value added farm products, and part of the trend loosely labeled agritourism — a growing economic force in our community and many others across rural America.

Like many in our community, we want Lewis County to stand on its own economically. Lewis County is growing and will continue to grow. The only question is if we will create and nurture homegrown jobs and businesses, or will our growth be tied to jobs and businesses created in — and benefiting — neighboring counties? 

With Harry Bhagwandin and other like-minded leaders working together, we believe growing jobs in Lewis County will be priority one.

We have had the honor to work with Harry over many years — most significantly during his work with Ride the Willapa, Tour de Farms and the Pop-up Farmers Market — all of which effectively supported and highlighted local farms and value-added businesses from throughout Lewis County. 

Harry has a proven track record of successfully utilizing and partnering with a variety of county, state and federal agencies benefiting our local community — including the USDA.

Harry gets it. He has lived it as a 37-year resident of Lewis County. We believe that Harry’s leadership and vison is exactly what the people of Lewis County need as we face a future fraught with challenges yet filled with possibilities.

We look forward to facing the future with Harry Bhagwandin as a Lewis County commissioner

Stephen Hueffed