Letter to the Editor: Be Safe to Enjoy Freedom Motorcycles Offer


It’s ironic that the activity promising the most freedom on the road carries with it the greatest potential to lose it.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, motorcycles account for only 3% of all registered vehicles in Washington state; however, they’re involved in 15% of the total traffic fatalities. In 75% of motorcyclist-involved crashes, the rider is at fault, according to the Department of Licensing. The two top factors in motorcycle crashes are impairment (59%) and speeding (44%). In more than nine out of 10 of those crashes it’s the motorcyclist who’s impaired or speeding.

If you ride, you’re in control of your safety. In most situations you depend on your own skills, training and judgment. You do it by wearing a helmet and the right gear, riding sober and choosing safe speeds.

Novice riders are over-represented in serious crashes; so, take a class, train with an experienced rider and do what it takes to gain experience and skill.

Then you can safely enjoy the freedom that motorcycle riding offers.


Dianne Swanson

Target Zero Manager