Letter to the Editor: Be Wary of Bezos Academy Plans in Centralia


Regarding The Bezos Academy, the first paragraph in The Chronicle that the Bezos Academy is looking to get involved in tuition-free early learning education in Lewis County made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Why in Lewis County, a conservative, rural community?

I know the eight Principles of Montessori, which the Bezos Academy professes to use, are seemingly well-meaning, but I have to ask — does critical race theory or sexual indoctrination enter into any of Bezos Academy teachings? I’m pretty sure nobody here wants their 3 to 5 year olds to be subjected to any forms of critical race theory or being taught that they are judged as inferior or superior on the basis of skin color instead of being praised for their natural abilities. And how would parents even know if that’s being taught to their young children? Is someone going to be monitoring this? It should be monitored in all public and private schools.

Another thought is that many daycares and preschools in the Centralia area could be put out of business if this is implemented — more job loss in this community. It definitely makes more sense to try to strengthen the existing businesses and to keep them running. After all, we at least already know the teaching methods and current providers, not those of an unknown who may or may not be trying to indoctrinate the minds of our children. Sometimes people get blinded by the word “free” and the end results, which may prove to be permanent and not so free after all.


Kathleen Bieker



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Frosted Flake

To save folks looking it up themselves : Montessori is not a religion. It's the name of a Teacher, who is credited with the idea of student interest directed combined study. The idea being, to allow and assist each student in developing into what that person can and wants to be. This differs from the cookie cutter, injection moulded product the typical American school tries to produce.

It's understandable rank conservatives might dislike the idea of anyone doing anything the way they didn't do it in the '50s. So what?

Wednesday, June 9