Letter to the Editor: Blind Obedience Puts Rational Thought in the Back Seat


Kudos to Trump supporters that have taken to the streets to ensure an honest and fair election. Their loyalty and ability to follow orders is astounding, and should make us all proud to be Americans. In Arizona where election officials are dutifully counting votes as prescribed by law, armed Trump voters are menacingly chanting “Count the Votes!” 

This is a bit bewildering to those of us not in the loop. Just what is this “protest” about when their demands are being met: were being met before they arrived, and will be met when they take their guns home?

It is all the more confusing when these same loyal acolytes are chanting “Stop the Counting” on the other side of the nation.

But it does make sense when you understand that loyalty and blind obedience demand that rational thought take a back seat. 

This leaves many of us in a great disadvantage. It is a rare individual that is capable of supporting or opposing contradictory ideals and orders in an instant. The survival of our nation depends on it.  

Fittingly, along with loyalty and obedience, Trump

supporters have a truly remarkable and unshakable religious faith. According to their testimony, the dead have been resurrected specifically for the burden of casting ballots. And again, those of us cursed with a rational mind are yet again left in the dark. Why has this claim been made so ambiguous as to leave us in doubt whether it is a complaint or a boast? Knowing that their leader has proclaimed himself as “the chosen one” among his flock, why would they have any forebodings about who the dead voted for?


Dennis Shain