Letter to the Editor: Cold Turkey Is the Key to Breaking Drug Addiction


Leave it up to our wonderful governor to want to throw more money at homelessness.

Look at the cities that have the most problems, and they are the sanctuary cities and states.

In one recent article, a person stated a roof over one’s head is the first step in treating addiction.


The first step is in getting these people cured. Ever notice many people go into rehabs to get cured, and then relapse to have to start all over again? From what I have seen, and to some it is cruel, cold turkey is one sure cure.

Many will probably die, but the people who are cured, they rarely return to their old ways. You might state that I don’t have a caring heart, but I do. Look at the innocent people who are harmed from a drug addict trying to get money or drugs to continue their habit. I think drugs are the biggest problem America faces today.


Norman Rivers

Lewis County