Letter to the Editor: Commentary, News Coverage Doesn’t Match on COVID-19


On my way south to meet my new puppy, I stopped at a Centralia motel and picked up the Oct. 7 copy of The Chronicle. After reading most of it, I was struck by the incongruities in the articles and support for extremists in your area.

From factual reporting on the uptick of COVID-19 cases and other news in your county, to the former Lewis County sheriff promoting misinformation about COVID-19, determined to spur people to agitation, to the paper’s biased and inflated editorial opinion piece (“Rally Against Mandates an Exercise in Democracy”) The Chronicle appears to be schizophrenic. Jumping from facts to nonsense on the same coronavirus issue does not make for a reliable source of information.

What do you stand for? Do you have the guts to tell people the whole truth about the pandemic: That it’s not a hoax, you were lied to by Trump then and now, and it’s important to get a handle on this disease by all getting vaccinated? It’s what we do as a nation — when a crisis hits, we work together.

As I read the ex-sheriff’s emotional roller coaster from one topic to another — a convoluted, divisive and outright fictitious, cynical piece of disinformation — I wondered about the safety of ordinary people in your county and towns from law enforcement. When a community cannot rely on the police to be nonpartisan, unbiased, fair and trustworthy, then to whom can they turn for reason and protection?

I realize that most people who choose police work as a profession are not bat crazy, but good, solid citizens. They need the public to be decent and respectful, as much as people need the police to be ethical peacekeepers. Ditto for those at The Chronicle.


Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles


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An outsiders view…. I like it, Gayle is correct here. Thank you

5 days ago

Please just go back to where you came from... Actually, I'm shocked at what has happened to Port Angeles or even Jefferson county as a whole. That's where I was raised. It seems to now have been taken over by left-wing extremist liberals. May the Lord continue to protect us here in Lewis county from the same terrible fate.

5 days ago
Dennis h

Yes please take your puppy and stay in portables oh trump is not the liar. The wicked,evil Democrat left libtards are the liers

5 days ago
Dennis h

Sorry can't spell must be a libtard

5 days ago

Excellent commentary. Thank you Gayle that was spot on. JMR: Pray in one hand, defecate in the other. Then play your hand. Same cards.

5 days ago
Dennis h

Here I sit all broken hearted, voted Trump but got Lib-tarded. By seven million votes. Count 'em.

5 days ago

Another TDS slanted editorial. The facts are twisted from both sides. If you sant to make points with readers please leave the politics out of it.

4 days ago
Virginia Thomson-Baldwin

Do you know the whole truth Gayle?? I think not.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci, Brix, CDC, and WHO have been lying to us. CDC went so far as to order doctors to falsify ALL death certificates naming COVOD-19 as the cause of death. It didn't matter what the person actually died from; a car accident, cancer, pneumonia, it was the false numbers they were after to scare people into taking the bioweapon, oops, excuse me, the"vaccine".

"Fauci Genocide" (start the video at 1:58)


This is where it emanated from...

The Communist Party’s 45 Goals to Destroy the United States


By Capt Joseph R. John

Added by Debra Tash on August 12, 2020.

The 45 long range Goals of the Communists Party USA to destroy the United States are listed in the article written by Daniel Mark Waghelstein, posted below the signature block. The goal of the Communist Party USA is to remove President Donald J. Trump from office in the November, so the elected Socialists, Marxists, and Communists in the Biden administration can change the government of the US Constitution Republic into the Socialist Republic of America.

4 days ago


Lewis County's leading lights are intelligent enough to get vaccinated themselves but not brave enough to stand up against mobocracy.

As a matter of fact, neither am I. I'm pretty sure my home would be vandalized or my animals shot. A certain % of residents have not learned the difference between news and propaganda, yet are extremely quick to catch onto Trump's hatred, arrogance, and name-calling. For evidence of this, see certain letters above.

All is not well in Lewis County. Shame on its leaders, beginning with a sheriff who is not literate enough to read and understand the Constitutional boundaries of his office. And the mob cheers him on.

4 days ago
Genius from Chehalis

@Virginia. My dear, you have come completely unhinged. Batshit crazy. Beyond bamboozled. Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Q-anon Shaman, Donald Trump whacko.

4 days ago

Once again, Virginia, you've cited a source of information that no reasonable person would consider worth reading due to their failed fact checks, conspiracy theory nonsense, pseudo science and extreme far right bias. Also the background of the people responsible for the rubbish you are repeating.

3 days ago