Letter to the editor: Do we really want to continue down this path with a liberal government?


I applaud Sherri Murphy for her recent letter concerning our esteemed Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Mr. Ferguson is, indeed, an exceedingly poor choice for governor. Not only did he allow the firing of much needed Washington State Patrol troopers and law enforcement support staff, but he helped introduce, supported and encouraged the recent unconstitutional legislation concerning firearms restrictions.

As an attorney he should know better, but he introduced and supported the legislation along with our governor for the political “points” he expects to get from the legislation. He knew that the legislation is unconstitutional, and he knows that gun restriction laws affect only the law-abiding citizens, thereby restricting our ability to defend ourselves in this ever-growing lawlessness in our society.

Do you suppose that criminals refuse to use high-capacity magazines because they’re against the law? Or automatic weapons because they are against the law? Or bump stocks? Or even “military style” weapons?

Once again, only the law abiding become restricted by these laws. Surely he knows that there are over 700 federal laws restricting firearm ownership in one form or another. Have they affected the mass shootings, child deaths or suicides? Not a bit. But Mr. Ferguson and his liberal colleagues continue, and will continue as long as they are in power, to pursue restrictions to our constitutional rights.

And don’t think that guns are their only targets.

Consider the future brown-outs and black-outs we will have if they continue their electric vehicle mandates.

How about abortion as birth control? Yes, a very touchy subject in our society, and I believe the right is just as wrong about birth control as the left.

How about our ever rising tax rates? Gasoline taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, capital gains taxes (already shown to be unconstitutional, but we have them anyway), and the ever present demand for an income tax (the old “if you pass an income tax we’ll get rid of/reduce the sales tax ploy)?

How about your ability to parent your children? Our Legislature, governor and attorney general have consistently fought to restrict your rights as a parent and have introduced sensitive subject matter into our grade school and middle school curricula.

Do we really want to continue down this path with the liberal government we have had to put up with for the last few decades?


Bruce Peterson