Letter to the Editor: Heidi St. John Endorses Emerson for PUD


I’m Heidi St. John and I want to encourage you to vote for Kevin Emerson for Lewis County Public Utility District (PUD) commissioner in District 3. Kevin is a local business owner who is family focused. His priorities are in order, God, family and community. He has the historical understanding we want in our elected officials. Kevin understands what our founding fathers meant in the Declaration of Independence. Governments are instituted among men to secure our God-given liberties.

Elected officials have the responsibility of overseeing our agencies to ensure that our liberties are protected from government overreach. In government agencies like the PUD, overreach can take place through excessive spending and rate hikes. When overspending occurs, we’re forced to spend more of our time working to pay for wasteful government rather than spending that time with our families. Knowing that Kevin has strong family values, you can be confident that he will fight for you and your family by ensuring an efficient use of funds at the PUD.

There are many problems in our energy sector these days, both practical and political. With the nonsensical policies coming from our state and federal leaders, we need problem solvers like Kevin Emerson in our local offices. He has experience at solving difficult issues in government. The residents of Onalaska witnessed the success that Kevin helped to bring to both the local water district and the Onalaska fire department. At the water district, he helped to solve long-standing financial problems and ultimately lowered the utility rates. When you vote for District 3 PUD commissioner this election, vote for liberty, vote for family values, vote for fiscal responsibility, vote for experience and vote for Kevin Emerson.

Visit kevinforcommissioner.com to learn more.


Heidi St. John

Clark County