Letter to the Editor: I Encourage All Voters to Elect Harry Bhagwandin


We would like to offer our sincere endorsement for candidate Harry Bhagwandin for Lewis County commissioner District 3. We have known Harry for some time, and have been greatly impressed with his focus, his dedication to improving Lewis County, his commitment to serving the county for the last 37 years as a business owner, community leader, dedication to planning and commitment to growth in a meaningful way for the people of Lewis County.

Without Harry, there will not be a commissioner east of Interstate 5. We met him when he was volunteering for the Lewis County Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Commission from its initial beginnings. Harry has been involved in getting the east end of Lewis County recognized and part of the discussion for all issues in our section of the county.

Being the most rural portion of the county, it is easy to forget us. But Harry has provided consistent and dedicated efforts to bring greater planned growth for our area. Harry, unlike his opponent, has the experience, dedication and long term commitment, particularly for the east end. Harry consistently shows up and lends his expertise and energy to solving the issues we face, particularly for the east end, by bringing people together.

Unlike his opponent, he has a very long track record of supporting local businesses, planned growth for Lewis County, being a successful business owner himself and finding solid solutions for the complex problems our county now faces. Without Harry as our commissioner, East Lewis County remains unrepresented as we move forward with unprecedented growth and change. An official from west of the I-5 corridor, 50 miles away, cannot adequately represent the many needs of our section of the county.

I encourage all voters to elect Harry Bhagwandin, who will not only represent us, but will help Lewis County migrate toward very planned and careful growth for the future.


Gina and David Owen