Letter to the Editor: Inslee’s Insults of Trump Supporters Don’t Encourage People to  Get Vaccine


As a proud Republican and Donald Trump supporter, I find it alarming that Gov. Jay Inslee calls Trump voters “bioreactor facilities” spreading COVID-19 in Washington. Also, Inslee implied that you don't have an individual right not to get vaccinated.

I made the personal choice not to get vaccinated for many different reasons. I know many Democrats and independents that are not getting the vaccine. Inslee didn't call out these voters in his rant.

Inslee just focused on Trump voters because of his high dislike for Trump. I am a disabled veteran who believes in personal rights. I believe that getting the vaccine is a personal choice that should be between you and your doctor and that nobody should be forced, shamed or coerced into getting the vaccine.

Perhaps Gov. Inslee should address our valid concerns instead of targeting people for who they voted for. I believe that Gov. Inslee’s comments do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.


Andrew Boehm