Letter to the Editor: I’ve Worked for Both Candidates; Murphy the Best Choice for Sheriff


Law enforcement is my passion, and I worked hard to achieve my goals. I went to college, and pursued my dream.

I am from Winlock, so naturally I wanted to serve in my area. I started my law enforcement career with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office under the direction of Sheriff Rob Snaza. I proudly served the citizens of Lewis County for over five years before leaving the sheriff’s office for a law enforcement position elsewhere.

People often ask why I left the sheriff’s office. It was not an easy decision. I lost my take-home car and the ability to swing by home for a bite to eat or use the bathroom during my shift if time allowed. I lost the ability to stop by sporting events to check in on my kids. When you are a deputy, you have a greater community connection.

So why did I leave? I could no longer continue to work for Sheriff Snaza and his administration. They did not follow policy and procedures. Discipline was handed out based on your personal relationship with the sheriff. It was an expectation to do your paperwork off-duty at home, which caused family issues. If you were held over on your shift, you were expected to shift-adjust rather than claiming the overtime you earned. Sheriff Snaza would personally talk to deputies and promise promotions without the position being open. I was specifically instructed not to assist other agencies, and questioned for making drug arrests only in Winlock when records showed I made drug arrests in other areas as well. During an investigation of felony harassment domestic violence, which is a mandatory arrest, probable cause was reached and a suspect was barricaded inside a residence which warranted a SWAT team response, it was denied because it was “tweaker on tweaker crime.” No arrest was made.

A family member was harassed by a fellow deputy, but he was not disciplined; I however was discriminated against for bringing the matter forward. We need change at the sheriff’s office, and the change we need is Tracy Murphy. When I worked for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Tracy Murphy was my supervisor on the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET). During that time, Tracy never allowed his people to work and not get paid for it. Tracy educated me on labor laws when LCSO encouraged deputies to violate these laws. His expectation was if you worked, you got paid for it. Tracy is an honest leader who believes agencies working together will make this county stronger. Tracy believes criminals must be held accountable for their actions regardless of their societal class. Tracy follows policy and procedures. Any time I have a question on a law or policies and procedures, Tracy includes the constitution in the discussion. Tracy does not bend the law or cut corners. Recently when I was injured on the job, Tracy showed compassion to me and my family, and really made us feel valued. Please join me in voting Tracy Murphy as our next Lewis County sheriff.


Julie Jacobo