Letter to the Editor: JFK Never Took Orders From the Church — Neither Should Biden


It seems as though we are being taught a lesson in history in real time these days in America. Recently, the news media has reported on the statements made by bishops of the Catholic Church in America coming together to demand that President Joe Biden not take communion, which is the sacrament at the heart of Catholicism.

Indeed, the bishops go as far as saying that he should be refused this sacrament because of his position on the abortion issue. Today, there is a growing movement calling for churches, such as the Catholic Church, to be taxed. A large part of the impetus behind this movement is the fact that so many churches have been getting more and more involved in the politics of this nation, pressuring elected officials to take one position or another on the issues of the day.

There can be no more blatant pressure put upon an official than to have the leadership of the religious institution to which he is a member threaten excommunication. The timing of this communication from the U.S. bishops is interesting, to say the least. If memory serves, many of these bishops were openly supporting the former president in his bid for reelection.

One has to wonder why, if they are so concerned about President Biden’s views, that this only came to the forefront after he won the presidency. If his position is so bad, why were they not calling for his excommunication while he served as vice president, or during his prior career as an elected official?

It seems that the bishops have become caught up in the cult of the former presidents’ supporters. One wonders if they are serving their flock, bringing the message of Christianity to the people or if they have forsaken their vows and are serving another master.

The year 1960 is now over half a century behind us. Not many remember that one of the hurdles that JFK had to overcome in his candidacy for president was his own Catholic faith. His detractors tried to make his faith an issue, saying that the pope in Rome would be influencing American policy, and that the president of the United States of America must not be taking orders from anyone apart from the American people, and that a Catholic president could not be trusted to be independent of the Vatican.

Today, the religious leaders attempting to strongarm the president of the United States of America are not located in Rome, but are our own, homegrown, attempting to use the cudgel of eternal damnation ala the Spanish Inquisition to make Mr. Biden come to heel. It’s disgusting. JFK never took orders from the Catholic Church. Neither should President Biden.


Alan Mahood