Letter to the Editor: Kevin Emerson Is Ready to Serve Lewis County


Kevin Emerson has been a member of Shoestring Valley Community Church for many years now.

I’ve gotten to know Kevin over the last year as a member of our church and as a friend. Kevin is not only a man of many talents, he most importantly loves God and others. He makes great efforts to communicate well and to listen well. It’s rare to find men that are willing to listen and even reconsider their own points of view when more accurate information is presented to them. I have seen Kevin live this out over and over again. He is willing to humble himself in order to become a better leader for the future generations.

We need more leaders like Kevin leading our county and country: Leaders that have faith in Jesus, leaders that have convictions, leaders that have integrity, leaders that have morality, and leaders that will stand up against those that prey on the weak.

I believe Kevin is this kind of leader. I believe Kevin will lead with these attributes as the next Public Utility District’s commissioner in District 3. This is why I’m voting for Kevin Emerson.


Jonah Lanclos