Letter to the Editor: Party Until You Drop, Mossyrock


As COVID-19 surges to over a one in five infection rate this Thanksgiving, Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser and the “we’re going our own way” crowd are putting together their best imitation of the Dakotas and Iowa, Wisconsin and more of “ruby red America.” 

They, by gum, don’t got COVID and don’t plan on getting any. 

Quote Sasser (who apparently was sick during much of the grammar portion of grammar school): there is no information that states that there is any cases whatsoever within (the ZIP code associated with Mossyrock). 

There weren’t many/any in much of rural America — until there was. Of course, that crowd now cries out to the very cities they hate for the medical care they urgently need.

I doubt that Sasser and Mossyrock will be convinced of much, especially those who are Trump worshippers. 

Maybe you’ll get away with your ordinance; maybe you won’t. I don’t care, frankly. I do care about the rest of our state with whom you might mingle who then might mingle who then might mingle. If you persist in this myopia of self-centeredness and denial, I would support: a state-imposed quarantine which does not allow you beyond a 25-mile radius until you can prove that at least 75 percent of your population within the quarantine zone have been vaccinated; 2) regional hospitals alerting you that you are also to go it alone when your sick and dying appear; 3) any goods and services from your region be subject to 14-day quarantine before sale or distribution.

You see, I spent my days since last Feb. 29 working like a dog to stay safe, supporting local businesses as fully and safely as I could, and paying attention to competent medical and official advice. I am over the whole “denial” thing. Party ‘til you drop, Mossyrock. When you get sick and start dying, tend to your own.


Randal McChesney