Letter to the Editor: Riverside EMS Appreciated


We appreciate everything that the full-time and volunteer Riverside Fire Authority EMS workers have done for our family in the last few years. When my mother-in-law had her brain stem stroke, the calming voice of the firefighters, EMTs and first responders who showed up at her house meant more to her than I can even begin to say. It was the voice of one of the first responders that she clung to while fighting to stay alive. She tells me that his voice was the only thing that got her through it.

My father-in-law has had many visits from the fire authority over the last year, starting with his motor vehicle accident when we found out that he was having hypoglycemic events for the first time in his life. The firefighters and EMTs were so kind and caring. The firefighters, EMTs and first responders have been to my in-laws house several times in the past year with what was at first thought to be a heart attack, but ended up being more hypoglycemic reactions. Each time they are very professional and caring in the way that they deal with my in-laws. They always make them feel that they are not a bother or inconvenience. This is very much appreciated by both myself and my husband.

We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate our first responders, EMTs and firefighters for all that they do. Without them being here, I am certain that we would not have had the last few years that we did with my mother-in-law. As well, their quick response to the call for assistance with my father-in-law has been the reason he is still with us. So, thank you for everything that you do.


Mark and Roberta Pickrell