Letter to the editor: Take the politicians out of climate change debate


This letter is in response to Nick Wheeler’s letter concerning climate change. 

His assertion that climate change is real and needs to be dealt with is interesting. He claims we need “real science” to create a solution to this very real problem. I’m afraid that Mr. Wheeler is wrong. 

The problem with “climate change” is that “real science” can’t decide what the change is, let alone how to deal with it. Global cooling was the science community’s assertion in the ’60s and not global warming. Then, somehow, global warming took center stage and global cooling went away. However, recently there has been a growing number of researchers claiming that perhaps we are undergoing global cooling. 

So, the “real science” can’t even decide what transition we’re going through. And our scientists can’t decide what, if any, contribution man’s actions are adding to the situation. Do we even have any idea? There are some scientists that say that man’s contribution is less than 2% of the climate change, that mother nature is creating the rest. However, climate change gives politicians the justification to further control our lives as long as they claim that man is the major contributor to whatever change is happening. And, of course, the major contributor to global change, according to the left, is the automobile. So, they justify the current drive to electric vehicles, conveniently forgetting that the mining of the rare elements needed for all those batteries, and the inability to recycle those batteries, and the fossil fuels required to transport those minerals, the fossil fuels used to run the charging stations for those vehicles, the child and slave labor used to mine those minerals, and the environmental damage all of that mining is doing. That’s doing far more harm to the environment than all of the automobiles on earth. 

I would suggest that those who agree with Mr. Wheeler take a look at all of the science and join the real world not knowing what is going on with our climate and get the politicians out of the process.


Bruce Peterson