Letter to the Editor: Take Time to Give Your Two Cents


In response to a letter to the editor published June 1 by Sandy Bray and to clarify recent community discussions surrounding sheriff candidates and my interactions with them:

Once upon a time a few weeks ago, Mr. Rob Snaza's supporters got super mad over me appearing on their competitor's PDC report. Literally lost their minds thinking that the Lollipop Guild was running Tracy Murphy's campaign because of an unsolicited personal contribution made as a private citizen having nothing to do with the Lollipop Guild. This was brought up again in the letter to the editor that this one is in response to.

So after all that hubbub, I decided to send Re-elect Rob Snaza for Sheriff a contribution of $26 on a #SupportSnazaSaturday because I thought he may have simply felt left out. It was rejected immediately. So, I tried again, $26.02 this time because I obviously had another 2 cents of thoughts to contribute. Rejected again. This was about the time Sheriff Snaza also walked all over my first amendment and banned me from discourse for a couple mean bleats. After a nice reminder email that he was violating my first amendment rights and not the bastion of free speech he claims, Mr. Snaza quickly restored my rights.

The contribution dance went back and forth for a bit though. I'd submit $26, Snaza would reject it, I'd submit it again. In the middle of that, I sent a separate $0.02 contribution, snubbing my nose again about "giving my two cents" and an amount that would not have to be reported on PDC and upset his flock. Surprise, surprise — that one made it through no problem and was never rejected. Does this mean Snaza is willing to talk/take contributions from "controversial people" as long as he doesn't have to report them and no one has to know about it? Probably a question for him to be asked throughout his campaign. But, my big gay $0.02 made it in his coffers now so there's that.

In the end, I do love poetic justice, so I sent $52.02 from the first two attempts to Tracy Murphy for Sheriff because we live in the United States of America and I'm allowed to do that. Y'all wanna know what happened next? A courteous thank you email from the Murphy campaign that ended with this: "Although we may not align politically, Tracy believes that our constitution makes it clear that ALL of the citizens of the county should be served by the elected sheriff."

Moral of the story here: whether you have $52.02 or $26 or $0.02, you have a voice in America. Use it where you hope it will make the most difference — give your two cents. I might suggest giving it to the candidate that won't shun you for simply being you and will take the time to listen and acknowledge you even if you don't align on everything.

Thanks for listening.


Kyle Wheeler