Lewis County permit center to temporarily close as part of move


The Lewis County permitting center will temporarily close later this summer as the county begins to open the new Community Development and Environmental Health Building.

The permit center, where residents register for building, septic and other permits, will open in the new facility on Aug. 2. As part of the move into the new building, the permit center will not accept applications at either location on Aug. 1, and the county will not conduct building inspections or code enforcement inspections.

Residents may also experience delays between July 29 and July 31 as the staff prepare for the move.

“We hope everyone will bear with us as we make the move to our new location.” said Mindy Brooks, director of community development. “Staff are excited for the new building and being close to the other county offices.”

In recent years, the county has worked to consolidate services to the new, centralized campus.

Located at 125 NW Chehalis Ave. in downtown Chehalis, the new central campus will be the home of Lewis County’s community development offices as well as the environmental, health and information technology offices.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building is scheduled for Aug. 21 at noon.

“Being located near the Historic Courthouse should make it easier for customers to find the services they need,” County Manager Ryan Barrett said. “The new building will also have upgraded technology that will provide for a better customer experience at the front counter.”