Thurston County Sheriff's Office fires deputy who lied about his background before hire


The Thurston County Sheriff's Office has fired a patrol deputy for lying about his background, the department announced.

The deputy was hired earlier this year, but the Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into his background after receiving a tip while the man was at the academy.

The investigation uncovered "significant discrepancies and omissions" in information provided during the hiring process, including that he had resigned in lieu of being fired for insubordination at another undisclosed agency, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office also has notified the Criminal Justice Training Academy so that the academy now has cause to prevent him from becoming a police or corrections officer in Washington state.

"Thurston County Sheriff's Office recognizes that deception during the hiring phase is a significant indicator of future behavior that would undermine the public's confidence in our employees," the announcement reads.