Two Arrested, Stolen Car Recovered Following High-Speed Escape Attempt in Grays Harbor County


Two suspects were arrested after attempting to escape the Aberdeen Police Department following a tip about possible intoxicated driving at a local convenience store.

Roger James Spike-Like, 35, of King County, and Kyra Ashley Jane Olson, 25, of Pierce County were arrested Monday afternoon and are currently awaiting formal charges in the Aberdeen city jail.

"Officers were dispatched to a report of a possible DUI at ampm," said Lt. Andy Snodgrass of the Aberdeen Police Department in an interview. "Officers arrived in the area and saw stuff that they identified as drug paraphernalia."

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Officers attempted to contact the two occupants of the vehicle. The subjects were initially unresponsive, Snodgrass said, but when the driver regained consciousness, he put the car in gear, forcing one officer to dodge out of the way before striking a curb, reversing into a patrol car and speeding off eastbound down Heron Street towards downtown with officers pursuing.

"Speeds reached 70 miles per hour on Heron Street, so officers discontinued pursuit for public safety," Snodgrass said. "When speeds are reaching that high in downtown Aberdeen at 2 in the afternoon, the officers will continue to evaluate and judge the risk to the public while deciding whether or not to continue the pursuit."

The vehicle fled east, Snodgrass said, and a phoned-in report of erratic driving from a resident helped them to reacquire the vehicle unoccupied in the Fern Hill area and search for the suspects. The vehicle would later be identified as stolen.

A drone team from the Washington Department of Corrections and a dog team from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office assisted in the search, Snodgrass said.

"The drone was able to locate them hiding in some brush. The male subject jumped into the Wishkah River to evade capture," Snodgrass said. "The female subject was detained."

Spike-Like, after jumping in at approximately 4:52 p.m., managed to grab hold of a piling in the river, Snodgrass said, as personnel on scene called for the sheriff's office boat team. An officer was able to throw out a life ring and reel Spike-Like in at 5 p.m. Spike-Like was examined by medical personnel for exposure before being transported to the city jail, Snodgrass said.

Spike-Like was arrested for resisting arrest, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, third-degree driving with a suspended license, hit and run of an unattended vehicle, attempting to elude pursuit by a police vehicle, second-degree assault, possession of a stolen vehicle and malicious mischief. Olson was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Damage to the patrol car was minor. The owner of the vehicle is "ecstatic," Snodgrass said, and has made arrangements to reclaim the vehicle.

"Incidents like this, while not unusual for us to deal with at the ADP, are infrequent," Snodgrass said. "I'm just really proud of our patrol officers for handling the situation the way they did, with care and caution for the public, as well as the end result of taking the guy into custody. We also appreciate the cooperation with the DOC, the sheriff's office and the Hoquiam Police Department."