Two Artists Set to Perform at The Juice Box in Centralia on Friday


An NPR Music-featured Americana artist called Cuchulain (an Irish name pronounced “ka-hoo-lin”) and a Bainbridge Island-based singer songwriter, Jenner Fox, will take the stage at The Juice Box, 216 S. Tower Ave., Centralia, on Friday night.

Featuring an alternative-country sound, Cuchulain will spotlight his new single titled “My Dog” and is set to play in Seattle the following day, with shows in Spokane and Portland to follow. The Centralia performance is the first stop in his nationwide “My Dog Summer Tour,” according to an email.

Originally from rural North Carolina and currently living in Eugene, Oregon, Cuchulain Kelly spoke with The Chronicle over the phone to share details of his upcoming performance on Friday and why he chose to start his tour in Centralia. 

“Y'all are just a hop, skip and a jump north, and I’ve also heard amazing things about The Juice Box from fellow musicians who performed there and just absolutely rave about how well they treat musicians and how stoked the audience always is for the music,” Kelly said. 

While Kelly’s dog, Willie Dog Nelson, won’t be on hand at Friday night’s performance, he will be joining Kelly for the rest of Cuchulain’s summer tour. 

“He’s coming across the country to the East Coast states with us and back,” Kelly said. 

Willie Dog Nelson was the main inspiration for the new single, according to a Facebook post by Kelly. 

“Sure, the song is about friendship and camaraderie and it’s a little bit about myself and my own limitations. But if I’m being honest, the song is about Willie,” Kelly said on Facebook. “This dog has changed my life. And now you all have to hear about it.” 

General admission for the show costs $7 with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show starting at 8 p.m. on Friday.

Music from both Cuchulain and Jenner Fox is available on Spotify.

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