W.F. West Remains Unbeaten With Win Over Bobcats


The W.F. West Bowling team took down an improving Aberdeen Bobcat bowling program Thursday at Fairway Lanes. 

The Bearcats were with their starting varsity lineup for the first time this season and shot 2014 total pins to Aberdeen's 1468 pins. 

"It was nice to have our entire line-up on the lanes tonight," coach Don Bunker said. "We have a lot of room for improvement, but we still shot over 2000 pins which is a mark not too many teams in the state achieve in a match." 

The Bearcats have bowled over 2000 pins three times this season. 

"Our goal is to shoot over 2000 in every match,” Bunker said. “This is a very realistic goal for this group and is what it is going to take to win districts and state this year.”

In game one Aberdeen got off to a hot start and the Bearcats struggled a bit. 

"After about the fourth frame we began to figure out the lane conditions and started to pull ahead in the first game," Bunker said. 

The Bearcats were led by senior Piper Chalmers' 216 and Savanna Hoyt-Siler's 189 games. 

"We know we can always count on Piper, but we are excited to see Savanna Hoyt-Siler's improvement,” Bunker said. “Savanna is becoming the anchor of the future for us.”

Aberdeen was led by Cameryn Micheau's 162 game.

In game two Savannah Hawkins led the Bearcats with a 194 game. Chalmers added a 184 game and Hoyt-Siler rolled a 179. Aberdeen was led again by Micheau who fired a 145 for the Bobcats. 

In team Baker game one the Bearcats bowled a 181 to Aberdeen's 108. In game two W.F. West bowled a 167 to Aberdeen's 90.