With Spring Chinook Salmon Run up 30% at Bonneville Dam, More Fishing Days Added on Lower Columbia River


Anglers will get another shot at a better-than-expected spring chinook salmon run on the Columbia River.

Bolstered by a 30% uptick in the spring run at Bonneville Dam, Oregon and Washington biologists authorized 23 more fishing days for spring chinook on the lower Columbia River, beginning Thursday.

Dates will be May 12-22 and June 4-15. The river reopens June 16 for summer chinook fishing. June 4 and 5 are free-fishing days in Oregon.

Fish counts have been far higher than expected at Bonneville and the run prediction jumped this week from 122,900 to 161,800, allowing the states to assign more of the catch to lower river sport anglers.

Fishing will remain closed above Bonneville, however, since anglers in that area have exceeded their allocations.

Biologists will meet again next Wednesday to monitor catches and dam counts.